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Social workers help people get help and live better lives, but that’s not all they do. They also work with seniors in their homes. They collaborate with Aleris Home Health Care.

Social Works Services

We all need someone to listen to us now and then, and that is what social work service providers excel at: lending an ear to those in need. However, that service does not stop at listening; they go above and beyond to find the best solutions for the patients in order to improve their lives.

At Aleris Home Health Care, we provide the same level of care to all of our patients. Social workers can be found in almost every care sector; our social workers are specified to deal in the hospice sector. A hospice social worker focuses on offering the patient and their kin the best quality of life in their remaining time as the patient usually has a short time to live.

The length of this relationship is usually short-term, so the social worker must be quick at finding solutions to problems or issues the patient might be having. A social worker in our team’s primary goal is to get the client the best service in the time they are helping the client.
Here are a few of the areas our professional social work services providers offer our patients:


Our social workers are dedicated advocates for the patients. They honour every aspect of the patient’s wishes by law and give them a good end before dying. They facilitate any legal needs to seek advocacy in any situation. Even after their demise, all their wishes stand.


Being active listeners

Our social workers have a very keen ear for their patients, offering them the best solutions to any issues they may have. They are well trained to support problem-solving and decision-making and to provide emotional support to the patient.

They are a good source of information

Hospice social service providers working with us have vast knowledge in various sectors like finance and law. They use this information to share with their clients so that they can offer them the best solutions and advice.

They offer sound counselling

Everyone deserves to be heard and assisted, and a hospice social worker working with us plays this role impeccably. They counsel the patient and the families on grief and loss, help the patients attain their end-of-life goals, and help them get a positive approach to life. They support patients gain insight into their condition and help them fully enjoy their life. If the counsel they give isn’t enough, they find the best course of action—for instance, a therapist.

Take away

Our team’s social workers are knowledgeable and, most importantly, patient-friendly. If you are in hospice, all you need is someone who understands your situation and has your best interests in mind. Our capable team of social workers is certified and licensed to ensure that you receive everything you require. Be it on the legal, medical, or social fronts. They will make sure that you become the best version of yourself before saying goodbye to the world. Nonetheless, they make sure that the people you’ve left behind are well cared for.

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