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If you want to learn about a company, you must ask questions. The company that provides you with the most satisfactory answers is most likely the best match.

Personal care, medical care, and management are examples of home care services we offer at Aleris Home Health care. Nonetheless, before deciding on a specific home care provider, it is critical to evaluate them to ensure that your loved one receives the highest quality of care. There are numerous home care agencies available, making it challenging to select the best.

The following are some of the questions you should ask your potential home care provider.


Everyone wants to be cared for by a caregiver who has the necessary skills and professionalism for their specific requirements. Below are some of the questions to ask.

  • Does the agency have a license to deliver home care services?
  • Has your agency been certified by the relevant government bodies to operate and offer its services in your state or country?
  • Has the agency met the necessary health and safety requirements? If not, why has that not been done yet?
  • What are the suitable references that the agency offers to their clients when they undergo tests and screening? Professional agencies will have developed working relationships with top-tier professionals who offer such services.
  • What criteria does the agency use for hiring caregivers?


You will want to work with a provider whose prices are within your budget. To ensure this, some of the questions should include.

  • What is the overall cost of the whole program? Let the agency provide you with a breakdown of their services alongside the fees, as well as the detailed explanations for each.
  • What mode of payment is accepted in the agency? This will ensure that you are in a position to cover the expenses effectively.
  • Are there any additional costs that you might incur during the process?
  • Can you cover these expenses with insurance? Ask them to explain to you their medical insurance offers and policies that govern them. For example, should your loved one be homebound for them to receive the benefits?
  • Does the agency offer any financial assistance resources?
  • Do they have a payment plan in place?

Quality of services

  • How long have they been delivering home care services? This will help you to gauge their experience in handling such situations.
  • What is the success rate of the past services offered?
  • Are there any relevant references that can help you get more information about them?
  • How often do their caregivers receive continued training to better their services?
  • How do they review the caregivers’ service delivery?
  • Are their caregivers insured and licensed?
  • How do they deal with unfriendly or incompetent caregivers?
  • Will your loved one have the same caregiver throughout?
  • Can a caregiver be changed if you or your loved one feels like they are perfect for the job?


Here are some questions to ensure that your loved one will be safe from injuries, accidents, and neglect.

  • Can they tell you a bit about the caregivers’ pre-employment screening?
  • Are there additional screenings? If yes, how often do they take place?
  • How are the caregivers evaluated?
  • How does the provider respond to different kinds of emergencies?
  • What channels of communication should you use in case of anything?
  • How can you report non-compliance to them?


Before making the decisions, such questions will help you know more about who you are hiring. It would be best if you interviewed a couple of the providers and weigh your options. If you contact us, we will amicably and honestly answer each question on this list.

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