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Occupational therapy is responsible for helping people with barriers in their emotional, social and physical everyday life. We enhance their ability to do daily activities. Therapy is to recall all cognitive behaviors to rebuild new strengths.

Our Houston occupational therapy in Sugar Land TX

A lot of patients need occupational therapy to help with their daily life activities to better function. We provide occupational therapy services that offer help for all ages that need extra assistance.

We help recover people from an injury and guide them through their journey as they get back up on their feet.

Our main goal is to give each patient the proper attention they need to overcome their battles in living a normal life. Our practitioners give a comfortable environment to our patients and help them adapt.

Our Houston occupation therapy services.

We offer a wide range of services for OT therapy. Our programs offered are:
  • Adaptive equipment fitting
  • Energy conservation instruction
  • Work simplification
  • Joint protection
  • Custom made hand and arm orthotics
  • Haircare and makeup
  • Perceptual-motor training

Why choose us?

We are the most active occupational therapy in Houston. We want our patients to meet their daily goals and gain more knowledge about themselves. We offer the ability to achieve your everyday activities and enhance more abilities through our OT therapy services.

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