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Our Caregivers

At Aleris Home Health Care, we are wholly focused on our patients. From the moment you contact us and begin our programs, we provide you with excellent service; our primary goal is not to profit but give quality care. And it is for this reason; we take our time in selecting only the most charitable caregivers in the industry.

Aside from the care, we make sure that the patient receives all they require in the comfort of their own home. Here is a detailed portfolio of our caregivers who become more than just caregivers; they become companions to assist you in living a healthy and happy life.

Medical Caregivers

Our skilled nurses

Our dedicated nurses are the backbone of our whole operation. They are the individuals you can reach anytime you want, and they will be there taking care of you every step of the way. They are very knowledgeable in the medical industry and well-trained in the home care sector in particular. They have academic certificates to show their work that they have received from the Accessible Online Academy. But that is not all. Their education is progressive in that they keep learning even as they work. They constantly get updates in practices and procedures through vigorous training programs that allow them to offer the best care to our patients. They are registered, certified, and licensed to practice medicine and offer care.

Our Therapists

At Aleris Home Health Care, we have various kinds of therapists that attend to our clients. The first lot of therapists are the physical therapists to tend to our patient’s physical needs. They assist the patients to exercise their muscles and any other body part they need to tend to help with mobility. A physical therapist’s primary work is to ensure that the patients regain mobility. The second kind of therapist we have is the occupational therapist who helps a patient develop, recover, improve and maintain skills needed for daily living. The last kind of therapists we have on our team are speech therapists. These kinds of therapists help patients either gain the ability to talk or get it back. Speech therapy involves speech-language pathologists who access speech, language, and cognitive communication. They also look into the oral, feeding, and swallowing of their patients to get the best treatment for their patients.

Caring with a smile

Our services are not only professional, it’s the dedication that originates from the true caring and devotion to people in need.

Attentive listener

You can share anything with us, we’re willing to hear and give you sincere advice from both professional and humane views.

Qualified Caregivers

Our caregivers are professionals in the field and have worked several years with patients who suffers both physical and mental issues.

Medical Caregivers

Non-Medical Caregivers