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Private duty services are one of the sectors within the home healthcare industry. Our company provides the best private duty services that are tailored to the patient’s specific needs.

Private Duty Services

Private duty home care is a specialized type of treatment provided to senior citizens suffering from chronic illnesses. It is also extended to patients who are unable to care for themselves by feeding, moving, or even taking a bath.
Our trained nurses and professionals have extensive training in this field and will ensure that the patient receives everything they require. The private duty service is a more detailed and targeted care plan than the standard home care regime. It is centered on a caregiver caring for the patient while they are at home to ensure they are entirely comfortable.
Here are some of the duties our private duty service providers help our patients with:

Personal care

Old age comes with its challenges that make someone unable to do certain things. One of the things that one gradually losses is mobility. Mobility is vital as it ensures we take care of our fundamental personal care duties. Things such as bathing, putting on clothes, cleaning, and moving from place to place become a challenge. A private duty nurse helps one get all personal things done. The exact amount of care is given to someone in injury recovery that has left them unable to achieve the same.

Homemaking or companionship

Just imagine having it all but lacking someone to confide in?
That is very devastating and detrimental to the human’s mental health. Imagine you cannot get the basic things done and still have no one to confide in or simply have a conversation with. It breaks you.
Our private duty service providers are here to be your homemakers and companions at the same time if you so wish. They will cater to your every need while engaging you in conversations. With a nurse from our team, you get more than a healthcare provider; you get a friend who will always be there to listen and talk to you.

Meal preparation

The private duty service also entails helping the patient prepare healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals. The aim is to ensure that the patients stick to a diet that is good for their health. With the fast-food industry booming, we need to switch to eating healthier if we want to live longer.

Medical reminders

Sometimes, even in our youthful days, you miss taking your pills. But the effect of missing even one pill once you clock a certain age is not forgiving. Especially if the patient has a chronic disease that requires these pills to ease the pain, in that case, a private duty nurse steps in to become a reminder to the patient they are helping. If it gets time to take a pill or use any medication, they are either physically or remotely instructing them to take it.


A private duty service provider can also become a private chauffeur to someone who cannot move around independently. They may drive them to get some shopping done, head to the doctors, or any other place as per the patient’s or client’s request.

Getting a private duty service provider from Aleris Home Health Care is what you need for a comfortable life.

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