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Every patient who receives one of our services has certain rights. Here are a few example

At Aleris Home Health care, you, the patient, is the boss. You have a say in every plan offered to you, and we offer full disclosure and transparency in all our regimes. The following are some of the rights you will have once we become your caregivers. The first right that Aleris Home Health Care upholds is:

You have the right to participate in the planning of your care program

First and foremost, we offer you a transparent negotiation in your health care program. We offer you full access to any information about your care plan that you may request. You are at liberty to choose what you prefer to what you don’t. And we incorporate it all into your care to ensure the best care is offered. Here are the other rights you hold:

You have the right to receive compassionate care

It is your right to get compassionate consideration offered to you in a gentle caring manner. A caregiver attending to you must consider your feelings and communicate all their intentions while they offer their help. We want you to be comfortable allowing us to your space, so much so, as we work with your physician, clinic, hospital, or former nursing home, we will continue to offer you compassionate care.

You have the right to get all the information you request

Once we start offering care to you or your kin, it is your right to voice any concerns you might have. If you are not sure of something, you can ask either the caregiver or the official representative to clear things out for you.

The caregiver is mandated to offer you all the information concerning your treatment. They must educate you about any medical needs, your health, and safety guidelines suppose an emergency occurs. If such happens, the last word is yours. We simply offer the tools.

You have the right to choose

You always have the right to refuse treatment as long as the law permits it. If you are of sound mind and reason, saying no is an option. Nonetheless, our role is to give you the options and advice on the best course of action.

You are also at liberty to switch your caregivers without the fear of feeling reprimanded or discriminated against. As aforementioned, you are the boss; you get to choose who gets to attend to you.

You have the right to be safe

It is the patient’s right to feel safe in the presence of their caregiver. The place of care is their home; this secure feeling should not change. But if it does, changing the caregiver is the best course of action.

You must also receive the safest medical attention, meaning everything the caregiver does is according to their code of conduct and the law.

You have the right to privacy

Sure, the caregiver is on your premises, but if they are not allowed to snoop through the rooms, so be it. You require all the respect to be comfortable within your home and do all you wish, even with the caregiver there.

You have the right to speak out

If you are not happy with the services given, voice it out. And if it is exceptional, do the same. We appreciate your feedback, and so it will help us serve you better. Please do not feel like a burden to us; we are here to serve you.

Our caregivers at Aleris Home Health Care are committed to giving you the best care possible, and we respect your rights the whole time.

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