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Insurance We Accept At Aleris Home Health

Regardless of the service provided, all medical institutions require that an individual have a payment plan in place. Insurance is one of those plans, and you can find out which ones we accept at Aleris Home Health Care in this section.

Medical insurance allows people from all walks of life to afford even the most exorbitantly priced medical treatments. Nonetheless, it assists one in obtaining essential medical services such as prescription drugs, inpatient and outpatient care. That is why you should have one. Although numerous agencies provide medical insurance, the following are some that we accept at Aleris Home Health Care.

Private Insurance Plans

We allow private insurance plans that help you pay for all your medical bills for the services we provide. These plans are coverages offered by private entities besides the government or state agencies. They are flexible and tend to a client according to their needs.

We accept any of the following kinds of private insurance plans for our patients:

  • Health maintenance organization, HMO– this involves the right for the patient to choose their health care providers. It has very little paperwork, and the attending doctor is the one that manages the care and is the one to refer you to a specialist if need be.
  • Preferred provider organization, PPO – this involves plans with moderate freedom to choose your caregiver. It has more paperwork compared to the HMO plans.
  • Exclusive provider organization, EPO– for this plan, you cannot seek coverage out of the network of caregivers provided.
  • Point-of-service plan POS– this is when you choose whoever caregiver to use and get compensated per service given.

Private pay

This is a plan that entails the patients clearing their bills themselves without any insurance cover. Their families may also chip in to assist in the paying of these bills. Cash and bank transfer payments are allowed under private pay.


Medicare is a governmental insurance company that is extended to people above the age of 65. It also covers younger people with disabilities or patients suffering from end-stage Renal Disease, which requires dialysis or a transplant.

This insurance covers three parts:

  • Medicare part A- This is hospital insurance covering hospital stays, care in nursing homes, hospice care, and specific home health care.
  • Medicare part B- This is medical insurance that covers specific doctor’s services. It also caters to outpatient care medical supplies and preventive services.
  • Medicare Part D- This is a prescription drug coverage plan. It helps covers all the costs incurred in getting prescription drugs.

We serve patients with any of the above plans.

Worker’s compensation

This is the last insurance we accept at Aleris Home Heath care. This is a cover specific to patients who have incurred an injury while they were in the line of duty. If the accident was fatal that the patient needed a caregiver to attend to them at home, this worker’s compensation insurance is utilized.

Take away

It is always better safe than sorry, and medical insurance is a great safety net to have. The above four medical covers are what we accept at our company. Get one of the four and contact us today to get all our services offered to you and your family.

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